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Day 5…in the Books

December 18, 2012

Julie and I embarked on what seemed to be a crazy last-minute journey last Thursday when we decided to “in theory” join Jason Lester on his 26×26.2 journey.  Since we came in late and don’t have his endurance, we decided to break up the journey for each of us into a 340.5 mile “training” session.  We have 17 days to cover our mileage which comes out to be 20 miles a day, running and biking.  We committed to running 10 and biking 10 each day.

My friend Marc, who actually “bet” that we could not accomplish this feat has asked me to download off my Garmin every 5 days we train.  So here is for you Marc, take a look.  The two workouts that I do not have on here are from Sunday (forgot my Garmin for my bike ride and my magnet for my Cateye got displaced so I didn’t have any data for my long bike ride Sunday.  Today, I also spun 20 miles on my bike and again.  But the rest of it is here so Marc, here you go…

Thursday, December 13 – 10 miles  (

Friday, December 14 – 10 miles (

Saturday, December 15 – 5 mile run, 40 mile bike, 5 mile run (,

(, (

Sunday, December 16, 87 mile bike – Penney Farms Group ride with Open Road Bicycles.  Tough ride and got dropped at mile 55, long way home with me and one other individual.  My legs could not take the constant attacks on the rolling hills and eventually I watched as the group pulled ahead and I could do nothing but watch them.  I thought this was supposed to be the 60 mile route, but i guess they decided to start riding the longer route early this year.  It was also supposed to be a max 24 mph ride and I asked the guy who got dropped with me and he said he was pushing 300+ watts for over 25 miles.  We decided that we would ride home at about an 19-20 mph speed.

Monday, December 17 – 12 mile run (two 6 mile runs – morning/evening) – (,


Tuesday, December 18 – 10 mile run, (, 20 mile spin on trainer (no data)

Total miles to date for this journey:

Running – 52 miles

Cycling – 147 miles

Total: 199 Miles

Ice has been my best friend… so simple but helps with  the residual soreness and muscle fatigue.  I bought new batteries for my Cateye (just in case) and won’t forget my Garmin for my rides this weekend.

Jason is collecting donations to help feed needy families during this holiday season so if you are inspired by what he is doing or by what we are doing, you can go to his website www.26× and donate.  Please reference in the note that you saw this on our website.  Thank you.

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