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2(17×20) Challenge 2012

December 14, 2012

This blog originated with the tagline “A beginner triathlete trying to keep up with an Ironman.” Today it evolved to “A couple restless age-groupers trying to keep up with a UltraIronman.”

At some point today, December 13, Dan and I decided that Sibling Trivalry should be involved or support our favorite ultra endurance athlete, Jason Lester on his latest project, 26X26. Jason, as well as ultra-runner Dave Carlsson, will attempt to run 26 marathons in 26 days (starting Dec 1) to raise money to help those in need in their local communities as well as raise awareness about the hunger crisis throughout the country. It started off that we should donate money to the Never Stop Foundation and help support the project. Then it evolved to: we should run everyday too. Then to: Well, we may as well do 681 miles too, just the two of us.

So we are calling it the: 2(17×20) : 2 People. 17 days. 20 miles a day.

Untitled-3 @ 400% (CMYK_Preview)

Starting now, because we don’t have a day to spare.

Jason Lester is such an inspiration to both of us (you can read about Jason’s amazing and inspiring accomplishments here) and we didn’t hesitate (too much) to join this challenge. Well, all hesitation stopped when it became a little bet among friends (thanks Dan). Earlier this year, Dan had the great opportunity to join Jason during a leg of his Journey For a Better World project, when Jason ran and biked across the US (over 5,000 miles) to help share the importance of sustainability. You can read about Dan’s experience here.


At the end of journey, Jason made a stop at the Nike campus where I got to have a super-brief interaction with him. I made him laugh I think.531499_365484596850708_57562456_n

Ok, so here is the deal: each team must pledge to complete 681 miles by December 31. If we start tomorrow, we have exactly 17 days. This means that divided by the two of us, we each have to go 340.5 miles, or 20 miles a day. Dan and I have decided to make mileage count by running, biking or swimming. Dan will no doubt contribute 0 miles by swimming. Our goal is to do 20 miles a day, although we are allowing ourselves to put on higher miles on the weekend, because, well, we have jobs and other stuff to do during the week.

There is no backing down now, because our names are already on the website. And some of our friends already know. And now its posted here.

26 Marathons in 26 Days to help feed the hungry

Dan and I are so thankful for being able to do what we do and hope to use it for good for others. Selfishly, this is helping us both get back into training. Nothing like a little crazy goal and someone to do it with.

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  1. December 14, 2012 1:11 pm

    Fantastic!!!! Proud of you both for taking on this challenge-know you can do it!!!! Hope I’ll pick up a fraction of your motivation when I see you-totally need it!!!!

    • December 14, 2012 1:52 pm

      Yes, we are excited tackling this challenge, although still dwarfed by what Jason is doing. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks too.

  2. December 14, 2012 1:53 pm

    Julie, you can thank Marc for “challenging” us, you know we can not turn down a bet. Yes, there will be 0 miles logged for me in the pool.

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