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Speed, Where Ya At?

December 3, 2012

Yes, my sister hates 5K’s.  I have never been to fond of them either.  My first 5K race came in 2011, after my first Olympic Distance race, Half Ironman race and yes my first full Ironman.  I don’t have a great affinity towards them, Why?  Two reasons:

1.  I am not, nor never will be fast enough to compete (legitimately) in a pure running race.

2.  The races are over in less than 20 minutes and you feel like your about to pass out.

Julie hates them for other reasons.  She can run steady for hours but can never kick those legs into high gear.  Julie mentioned our debacle at the Portland cross country race in October.  I ran a 6:45 pace and finished in the bottom 20% of the race and in reality I think I was 15th from last.  I should have known better when we showed up and the “short” rule was in full effect.  I always say the shorter the running short the faster the runner.  I normally run in the 9″ inseam running shorts, but this year at the Gate River Run I went crazy and upgraded to the 7 inch inseam.  At the race in Portland, the only people not wearing 5 inch shorts were Julie and I (slight exaggeration, but not by much).

In reference to her mean running streak, yes, Julie does have one when she runs 5K’s.  I think I have heard every expletive in the book running while running with her.  I first noticed this last year when we ran the Subaru Distance Classic Half Marathon (she wanted to set a PR and I was trying to pace her to one until she told me to, “not F#$%ing talk to her the rest of the race” at mile 8 and then again a week later some expletives were thrown my way at the OUC Half Marathon in Orlando.

So is a 5K good for our sister/brother relationship?  Probably not, but revenge comes the day after Christmas.  My PR for a 5K race is a 19:20 and I would like to break this and dare I say go sub 19?  Not there yet, realistically 19:10 I think it doable.  Guess it depends on how damn cold it will be in MA and if there is snow on the ground.  Julie is going to break 21.  Are we starting the race together? I think I will start on the opposite side of the starting line, HA.

December is our month to focus on running speed and cadence – we will continue to keep speed as part of the routine through NOLA.  For now, the focus is on shorter distance and speed workouts; 400M, 800M and 1600M repeats.  For the month of December there will be no running day over 7-8 miles and at least two “redline days” each week.  We will update our workouts and progress in hopes that we can turn in two PR’s.

Now, can I just kick this cold?  I have been on the PUP list for the past 10 days.  This weekend was the first time back on the bike and man have I lost my endurance, not to mention being able to breathe.

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  1. December 4, 2012 5:32 am

    Yea, see you at the finish line. Hopefully you aren’t waiting too long for me. Don’t worry, I will be running as fast as I f*#%ing can.

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