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Revenge on the 5K

December 1, 2012

5Ks are my least favorite race.

Two and half years ago I ran my first road race ever: the Mad Dash 5K in Warren Vermont. I was content then with my 25:04 (8:04 mi/mi) finish, but more proud that I had just done my first race ever. My viewpoint on 5Ks was “ok, fun little cute race,” but I want to go farther. My happy little view on 5Ks was totally spat in my face and left me in the dust this past October when a friend talked Dan and I into doing one of the Team Red Lizard Stumptown Cross races. My friend (17:13 time) and Dan had no problem (21:19 time, but majority of the time he ran with me…so this is not truly accurate) with this race, but I almost declared defeat.

I am pretty sure I yelled at Dan (because Dan, once again was trying to be nice to me while running)
F*ck that
F*ck you
Dumb Sh*t
I hate this F*cking Race.

5K’s can be great. They can be a great goal and gateway for anyone looking to start into the world of running or triathlons. There are races all over and throughout the year. Plus there are a lot of fun events around 5Ks from Turkey Trots to Spartan Races. (/7:10 min/mi)

However, if you aren’t careful, a nice, but super-fast, friend might convince you that doing a little cross-country meet with a local running club would be fun. Well its not. Not if you aren’t lightening fast. Not if you haven’t been training for full out red-line sprinting. It is a pretty darn humbling experience. What I would have given to see a team of fundraising joggers with Santa hats and striped high socks at the starting line. Well, they would have blown by me too. By the time I finished the race (a PR of 22:16/7:10 min/mi, finished in the bottom 20%) I am pretty sure everyone was starting to pack up the event and everyone was already getting in their cars.

Dan and I discussed today our trips back home to MA for the Christmas holiday and decided that we should do a race, duh. Of course, the only races going on the week after the holiday in MA are 5Ks. I got irritated right away, then declared revenge.

After our recovery break from Miami Man (its been 3 weeks now) it is starting to be time to focus on getting back on track for IM NOLA. What better way than to build a little base by doing some speed work before we start to add on the mileage.


Danvers Fun Run (Ha, we will see how fun it is)
Dans Goal: 19:01 (6:10 min/mi)
Julie’s Goal: 20:59 (6:45 min/mi) Yea I want to break 21)

What races will you take revenge on?


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  1. December 3, 2012 12:25 am

    I think your exact quote was, “Shut the F#@$ up Dan, I am running as fast as I can”

  2. December 3, 2012 1:55 am

    Yes, that sounds about right.

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