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Rest Confidence

November 21, 2012

The off season has finally arrived for us!
Depending on when your last race of the season was and when you are looking to ramp up again in 2013, this off-season could mean a few weeks or several months off. WIth IM NOLA 70.3 for us in April, makes our off season approx 2 weeks long. Ha. It has been 8 days since Miami Man and I am both so relieved that the season is over and so anxious to start again. There are times in my training when I felt guilty for missing or workout, or not doing a full session like planned. This guilt was terrible and often made me think that I wasn’t ready to race. I am not missing that feeling now. On the other hand, I am so pumped for next year. After seeing the major improvement I made this year, I am excited to see what I can do with more training. We have big goals for 2013. I am looking forward to training again, but I need to be patient.

Yesterday, Dan and I attempted to sign up for IM AZ and it had me irritated the whole day. We did not get in. We were there at our computers, poised and ready to lock in our credit card numbers when Dan was kicked off his page losing his position in the registration. What a debacle, Ironman! I was able to make it to the check-out page but there was no way I was signing up without knowing that Dan was making it too. If you were able to sign up, congratulations, that is a victory. That was a shit show. Out of the 10 people we know wanted to get it, 3 did. We are now considering IM Louisville. Anyone?

Image from, Illustration by Matt Collins.

Anyway, back to our short lived off-season. I have quickly filled in my time with a lot of beer drinking, cleaning, and checking off other random things that have been on my list for months. In the recent edition of Triathlete Magazine, pro triathlete Jesse Thomas writes about the important of taking breaks, and the test of patience it can be. This article was very fitting for me this week. I know this is crazy to say, but I feel out of shape, I feel like I am losing endurance, and I feel like I am 10 lbs heavier. Yea, that must have been a lot of beer in the last 8 days! Just kidding, sort of. Jesse recognizes that he has the same doubts and summarizes that it can be a “depression cycle feeding on itself.” What I really like about what Jesse says is that it is all about the “confidence to rest.” It is our own insecurities that put us out of ease during our rest periods. He says “For some messed up reason, our athletic egos still feel that we only get faster as we pedal harder, run quicker and swim stronger. It’s athlete psychology- all of our confidence is built around the times that we actually destroy our bodies. But it’s only the rest afterward that makes our bodies stronger.” This article made me feel so much better about doing absolutely zero, well I did play shuffleboard the other day.

For the past week I have swam 0 miles, biked 0 miles, and ran 0 miles. (Eaten 6 cheeseburgers, 3 donuts, and drank a dozen or so beers.) This offseason isn’t going to be long, but I am sure going to enjoy it.

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