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70.3 Race Day Nutrition

May 28, 2012

I’ve heard that nutrition is the fourth sport in a triathlon (or the medical tent, like my bro says.) Getting my nutrition right for my first 70.3 was definitely something that was really important to me, especially remembering how poorly my stomach fared in previous half marathons. My nutrition and hydration plan was developed over the course of my training, but further dialed in and calculated for race day. I am going to echo other’s suggestion about not trying anything new during a race,  keep nutrition simple, don’t rely on what is provided at the race, and do what works for you.

I wanted to share what my nutrition looked like for my race. This of course may not work for you, but is here to just give you an idea of what a plan can look like. Based on my weight, Dan suggested that I aim for about 300 calories each hour during the race. For instance, by trial and error, I know that I can handle the Honey Stinger gels, not GUs since the ingredients are more natural. Also, I know that Gatorade is way too sweet for me and I need to get my electrolytes from a sugarless source and now I am a huge fan of Nuun.

Pre Race Day (Race on Sunday)

1 chicken breast (pan fried), spaghetti sauce, cheese (Olive Garden)
1-1½ c spaghetti
Sm Ceaser salad
Penne France: sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, ricotta salata cheese, mushrooms, garlic, oil (Carraba’s)

Race Day

4 :00
2 cups coffee w/half & half (To wake up and clear the system)
2 slices wheat bread
3 T almond butter
1-2 T blackberry jam
½ banana
4:45- 6:00
1 scoop Carbo Pro with water
Powerbar Chews (almost 1 packet)
(Race Start 7:25 AM)
1 packet Honey Stinger chews
Hours 0-1:00
1.5  scoop Carbo Pro with water
Hour 0:45-1:00
1 Honey Stinger Gel
Hours 1:00-2:00
Bottle with ½ Gatorade Perform, ½ water
Hour 1:45-2:00
1 Honey Stinger Gel
Hours 2:00-3:00
1.5  scoop Carbo Pro with water
1 packet Honey Stinger chews
1 scoop Carbo Pro with water and Nuun
Water or Water/Gatorade mix (at least 3 bottles full-however a lot of water ended up on my head)
2-3 slices banana
1 bite Bonk Breaker (This was way to heavy to chew at this point in the race)
1 cup Coke (Yes, they served soda…definitely a treat late in the race)
Post Race- (Immediately)
3 slices watermelon
3 chocolate chip cookies
1 banana
(1 hr later)
Chocolate milk
Cheeseburger ☺
A lot of fries ☺
Beers ☺
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