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6 Weeks And Counting…Fast

April 10, 2012

Where the hell have I been? Not blogging. Dan, rightfully so, gave me a good ol sibling bashing and 20 minutes later I find myself here online trying to redeem myself.

We just passed the 6 week mark towards preparing for the IM 70.3 Haines City. I am a little terrified. I keep going through these up and downs in my training, feeling one day that I am definitely not prepared to days like yesterday when I cranked out a 12.5 mile run no problem and should have kept going if only I had more fuel to intake. To think that about a year ago I was struggling to train for my first half marathon.

So what have my training weeks been looking like? Dan provided me a great training schedule a while back that I have been sticking to pretty well. I try to keep to this schedule fairly tightly, mostly out of fear because I really don’t know what to expect come race day. There are days when I can only do a partial workout or throw in something different and I use to be really hard on myself about it. But I think I have lightened up.

Here is my last week:

  • Monday: OFF (I love my rest days and I have really learned how to really honor these)
  • Tuesday: Bike 90 min (speed) I am still doing most of my bike workouts on the spinner, not ideal because I am not getting road experience, however I can control my workouts better.
  • Wednesday: Swim 55 min, Run 55 min (20 WU 3×5 @race pace, 20 tempo). I ran this on the treadmill to control speed, 20 min @ 6.5mph, 5 min @ 7mph, 2.5 min @6.5mph, 5 min @ 7.5mph, 2.5 min @6.5 mph, 5 min @  8 mph, 15 min @7 mph.
  • Thursday: Bike 120 min (30 steady, 60 faster, 30 steady)
  • Friday: Run 50 min (approx. 6 mile), Swim 60 min. Ideally I would run after swimming but some days it is tricky, especially trying to find when the pool isn’t crowded. Here I ran before my swim.
  • Saturday: Bike 195 min
  • Sunday: Run 105 min w/hills. (I should have had a swim workout today but forgot that it was Easter and the gym closed before I could make it….arg!!!)

Lately I have had this reoccurring nightmare where it is race day and I am late and I can not make it to the start for random reasons or obstacles. I guess it is like that popular dream where people can’t seem to make their academic classes. Anyone else have nightmares like this or what are your fears for race day?

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