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Journey for a Better World

April 5, 2012

Tomorrow I join Jason Lester and Nike on their Journey for a Better World.  I will be running with Jason on Day 19 of his 102 day, 4,800 mile journey across the United States visiting many of the Nike Outlet Stores throughout the country.  The next event will be in Gaffney, SC on April 6 and you can RSVP to meet Jason and the Nike team on Facebook

If you have never heard of Jason Lester, I highly recommend looking at his website.  He is a Ultraman triathlete who lost the use of his right arm at a very young age and overcame incredible odds to become a source of inspiration for many people around the globe.  I read his book, “Running on Faith” which is an amazing story of perseverance and attitude that will help guide individuals throughout life.

I look forward to meeting Jason, running as part of the Nike team and being part of a new mission and fight that has caught the eyes of major corporations around the globe.  A transition towards sustainability and corporate responsibility and Nike has once again proven to be agile in addressing the impact of their business on the environment and has taken measures to eliminate their carbon footprint.  These opportunities are rooted not only in sustainability, but strengthening community connections and promoting social and environmental change.  Nike has created ways to reduce waste and reuse products to enhance the lives of future generations.  Most recently, Nike has undertaken a large commitment in the New Orleans area (still devastated by Katrina).  When I was there in 2010 for Ironman New Orleans, I was amazed how ravaged parts of the city were and the cleanup efforts that remained in progress.  The revitalization Nike has undertaken is one small step, but a vital one in the economic recovery of a city. Other initiatives that caught my attention were the refurbishing of basketball courts in New York City where that sport positively influences so many youth in a plethora of ways, not just by athletic activity.  Football Jerseys that were made from recycled polyester saving the Earth 13 million plastic bottles per year or the Homeless World Cup where sport is the one universal thing that can provide camaraderie, enjoyment and an opportunity that may not otherwise be available to individuals.  Nike has created an empire that was dreamt in the garage of a Oregon track coach and in their attempt to build a better you, has created “A Better World”.

If you have the opportunity to meet Jason anywhere along his route, I encourage you to do so and meet someone who has helped inspire and encourage since he was a teenager.

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