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Rankings are In!

March 28, 2012

USAT released their final rankings for 2011 .  One thing that would help in the search for your rank is a “search by name” component.  I had to scroll through rankings until I found my name.  They don’t make it easy on you to find the ranking.

It is a confusing process to figure out your final ranking so if you want to learn more about it here is the link to the USAT website that shows you how you are ranked.  USAT Ranking Criteria

I finished 676 in my age group 30-34.  One year I would like to move up enough to finish in the Honorable Mention category, which means I will need to gain about 300 places or 4.5 points.  Guess we will see what this year has in store…

I finished 6th in my age group at my first race in Clermont this past weekend.  The swim course not set up the best and there was a lot of confusion as the race started.  I averaged 21 mph on a pretty hilly bike course.  The overall winner averaged 23 (how the heck he did that and ran sub 6 minute miles after is beyond me).  I had a good run (7 minute miles) but ran the last two at 6:45’s finishing strong.  I probably should have pushed a little harder from the beginning on the run, I think I could have averaged 6:45’s, but it is a good benchmark for the year.

Next race is St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL April 29th.

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