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It’s Finally Race Week!

March 18, 2012

It’s been a long time since I could say that, but yes it is finally race week.  This Sunday is the kick off to my triathlon season (as has been for past three years).  The Great Clermont Challenge in Clermont FL is never set up to be a PR course, as it has some challenging hills throughout the bike, but it is one of the more fun races to compete in because it is not your typical Florida course.

I had a good weekend of training this past weekend an am ready to put my race wheels on and get after it with a few friends this coming weekend.  I rode hard this weekend (not as long because of the upcoming race), but did 3 hours with some good hard intervals followed by a run on Saturday.  I was going to ride with a friend training for Galveston and NOLA on Sunday, but unfortunately, I didn’t go to bed early enough to go ride.  This am I got up leisurely (no alarm clock) for the first time in a while and eased into my day.  At 10:30 I decided to go for my run, little did I know it was going to be north of the 90 degree mark, but hey I live in FL I should be used to it right?  I headed out and felt pretty good.  I had a 90 min run today and thought I should make the most of it.  I started off at like a 7:30 pace then able to turn it up a little more and I was able to run to 13 in 1:28 (stopped for water breaks at 6,8,12) but felt good at the end.  First serious heat of the year wasn’t a factor and neither was diminished energy.

This week will be relatively light and actually mimic a recovery week.  I am swimming Monday, Wednesday, Friday, riding and running Tuesday and Thursday and will take Saturday off.  Typical for me, I always take the day before a race off.  First race is always a time to knock the rust off, get in the routine of my running mount and dismount and competing in a race.  I finished 7th in my age group last year and lost about 5 minutes on the bike as my chain fell off and wrapped around my crank and I couldn’t get it loose.  look forward to trying to break top 5 in 30-34.  We will find out Sunday.

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