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Dropped like a bad habit

March 15, 2012

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but my computer froze and needless to say I am rewriting it tonight.  This past weekend we sprung forward, always a great time for triathletes, but always makes for a bad Monday morning that first week.  especially if you have an event laden week. The time change also means another thing… weekday group rides are back in order.  I ride with Open Road Bicycles based in Jacksonville, FL.

I ride with them because they have a plethora of cat 1 and 2 riders and always push me to work harder and reach my maximum threshold.  I always tell myself when I am in pain that the only way I am going to get faster is to have these riders continuously push me.  I do Tuesday/Thursday rides and I was pumped because this was the first week of night rides.

I ran the Gate river run 15k on Saturday and rode hard Sunday, well until I shredded my rear tire and subsequently got three flats getting home.  I then finished my brick with a run.  My legs were still a little tired yesterday, but I thought I was good to go.  I also still have my Specialized winter tires on (700 x 25).  You don’t realize how 2MM can affect you until you are riding them nearing maximum threshold.

We started out heading south on the main road and right out of the gate we were hitting 24-25 as a warm up.  It was then I realized this was going to be a really tough ride.  I was near the back of the pack which is always an amateur thing to do, I guess I just didn’t realize I was that far back.  We turned onto the first road and an all out sprint ensued.  I was caught off guard and had to work hard to catch the back of the back, 27, 28, 29, 30 mph and finally hitched back on to the ride, but had expended some energy.  We continued down the road and eventually came to another turn.  Another sprint, I went with everyone else but their horse power was more than mine and BAM.  Dropped.  I have been riding for a few years and this rarely happens to me nowadays, but it happened so many times when I was learning it doesn’t really affect me…usually.  I was mad that I had let the group get away and didn’t have enough firepower in my legs to dig in and catch them.  I was going 28 and watching the group pull away from me and after looking forward to the ride I was pissed.

So tonight, I am switching out my tires and only swam so I could have fresh legs.  Bring on the group ride, I owe them one.

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