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Next Up, Nutrition

March 7, 2012

My nutrition has definitely taken the back seat in my training plan and I am realizing that it should no longer be there. I really need to start understanding what I am consuming, what calories I am burning, and how I am going to prepare for my IM race nutritionally both before and on race day.

Triathlete Magazine recently posted this article: What Fuels An Ironman Champ? It was not only interesting to see what a sample day diet was like, but also see what a training day looks like.  I will be honest and say I was a little disappointed that Leanda Cave’s sample day diet doesn’t look anything like what Michael Phelps’ consumes. For all this working out, I just want to eat as much as possible!

I have lost several pounds since starting my training and want to make sure that I maintain my current weight and not dip down further. I just downloaded the Lite version of the My Plate calorie tracker app from Livestrong. It is going to be an adjustment for me to try and keep track. I have never done this before, and never really cared. So here goes.


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