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Gate Week

March 5, 2012

This Saturday I am running my first timed running event this year.  I have been running, but with my IT band issues I hadn’t been as committed as I have needed to be to post a good time (for me) which has kept me from signing up from some local events.  I have been consistently running for the past 6 weeks and battling through the soreness associated with my IT band.

My training has consistently been consumed with longer runs (training for IMCDA) and not as focused on speed work.  Last year I posted a 60 minute, 40 second time, missing my goal of breaking 60.  This year even though I haven’t been putting in as much speed work, I am hoping that by having logged more miles recently my endurance will be there to push myself.  I know it will be painful, but I think I can will myself to the line.  This week will be heavy in cycling and swimming because I want to save my legs (at least Thursday/Friday) to try to run hard.  I hope on Saturday afternoon I have good news that on my 34th birthday I can post a sub 60 minute 15K.

As part of my training last week:

9 hours of cycling

7 hours of running

3 hours of swimming – yes slacked on my swimming

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