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Christmas revisited…

February 19, 2012

Everyone loves to receive presents (and give them).  This year I asked those close to me to help support my want/need for a racing and training watch by combining funds for the Garmin 910XT watch.  Of course it still has not reached the shelves SO in the meantime, I decided to  invest in a new set of race wheels (as previously discussed).  Today, I received them via FedEx from Hawk Racing, thank you Sven Folmer.  Here is a picture of my new race wheels ready to take me into battle this year.  My first race is in March, but I wish it was today.  These wheels added a new sense of excitement to my racing season and will look nice on “Rojo Diablo”- yes my bike’s name.  Now just need to drop those last few lb’s that I gained this offseason.

My first triathlon is five weeks out and in preparation of it, I am running my first timed running race this year, the 35th Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL.  The largest 15K in the country and host to the US 15K Championships (  Last year, I just missed out on my goal of breaking 60 minutes by 40 seconds.  I tested myself last night on the treadmill to see where my endurance and speed combination were and ran the 15K distance in 62 minutes.  Not bad for having as many early season issues as I have had.  I have three weeks to eliminate 2:01 from my time.  I felt pretty good and feel I could have gone longer which was reassuring for me.  Now it is time to start building back that endurance as June will be here before I know it.    I did wake up this morning to a throbbing knee, but hopefully the foam roller and ice tonight will help before my 3 hour bike ride tomorrow sandwiched with bridge repeats followed by an hour run.

Train Hard!

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  1. March 1, 2012 5:13 pm

    Oh sweetness! Nice wheels. Bummer about the watch though…when does it come out? I wish I could make it to the Gate River Run. Some year…we keep talking about it. Best of luck in this run!!

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