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Training While Traveling

January 29, 2012

For the past ten days I have been traveling: from MA to WA to OR to WA to OR and it isn’t stopping yet. I am out west again interviewing for jobs, visiting friends, and doing some freelance work. Man, I miss my routine. I have been completely thrown off my schedule and my focus is definitely started to be tested. Prior to my trip I was really getting in a great daily routine of working out in the morning, settling into a new gym, and knowing what running routes I like around me. When you travel that gets thrown off!

I have done my best to plan ahead what days I can fit in workouts, but finding where I can do them has been the challenge. Being in Seattle, I know there are several great public pools that offer lap swimming. The limitation is the times offered, and the frustrating thing is getting in at a lap time then sharing a lane with 3 other people. That makes it really hard to focus on your own speed and drills.

I also was able to snag a guest pass at LA Fitness Club in Ballard WA which covered me for a few days while I was here. The bonus here was the location and the pool, which I never had an issue with being too crowded. There is definitely a learning curve going to a new gym: what classes are offered, where the right weights are, what spaces are good for doing cross training and plyo, and where to find the treadmills with no tvs (ug, I get sick watching tv while running). I have been really digging the Nike Club Training app, but I found no good place to do those exercises at this gym, which led me to feel a little unfocused at the gym. Somedays I felt like I was wandering around more than actually working out.

This photo was taken the day before our hike from another climber.

My training hasn’t been focused, but I also haven’t been slacking. In addition to some weight training, I have fit in a day of plyometric training from p90X, a good run around Greenlake (I have missed this place), a 3 RT hike up Mailbox Peak outside Seattle (a 3,800 elevation gain in 2.5 miles!), and several swims.

What do you do to stay focused on your training while traveling?

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