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Yoga and Triathlon Training

December 19, 2011

Yoga does not make my day. I have never craved yoga. Hot yoga sounds horrible. Seeing people carry yoga mats makes me twinge. I’m just not a downward dog kind of girl, I don’t care how mainstream it is or how cute Lululemon clothes are.

Course if you know me, I just don’t like stretching. So a full hour or more of various stretching and balancing poses just goes against my thrill of exercise. I’ve actually been annoyed by stretching ever since Little League when we had to sit in a circle and stretch as a team. Lame. Stretching for me usually lasts a couple minutes, if any at all, before and after exercise. I completed both my triathlon and a half marathon without a second of stretching. No problem.

But I guess it is a little pathetic that most of the time I can’t touch my toes. Plus, now that I am 30, I think I am starting to feel a little crickety. Maybe a little stretching here and there isn’t such a bad idea. So while I am still waiting for Dan (*ahem*) to write out my Ironman training plan, I decided I would use this time to add in a some cross training, including some yoga classes.

I have been to 3 classes in the last week. Eh, its been ok. When I start to dive into my training plan, I may try and incorporate 1 class a week if time allows. If not, I came across this article in about some key stretches for triathletes. I can see maybe tacking on 15-20 minutes post-other workouts. Below are 3 poses recommended by Claire Petretti, a RYT yoga instructor.

Please click link for the article to read more about the poses and instructions on proper technique.


Half of the Lord Fishes Pose also has some recommended poses, and might I add, some entertaining photos. Triathlon Training Frenzy also has made several posts about several poses which he has found helpful in his training: here, here, here, and here.

I am sure this won’t be my last post on yoga. I’m giving it another shot and maybe something will click this time. I probably just need to give it time.


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