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DIY Huaraches Running Sandals

November 29, 2011

Lately I have been cruising through Born to Run, Christopher McDougall‘s exploration into ultra-running, the documentation of the running tribe, the tarahumaras, and the organization of a race that brought together an wild group of endurance athletes.

The rebirth of barefoot running is credited to this book. Of course, we have all see the Vibram FiveFinger shoes, which although are smart in theory, or extremely unattractive. Seriously people, you look ridiculous and I don’t like seeing your toes individually wrapped. Anyway, this is not a rant on fashion, but rather my curiosity into the huaraches that were mentioned. Huaraches are running sandals and were foot covering of choice by one of the runners in the book. Previously being in the footwear industry I was interested in the process of how to make a pair at home.

I found these step by step instructions for a basic pair of running sandals created by Steven Sashen of (check out their blog here). I would definitely like to try making these sometimes. I am still not anxious to put a pair on and run, but maybe that will change when I make my own kick-ass pair. I haven’t fully looked into getting all the materials needed for the sandals, but I did come across Luna Sandals, which offers a DIY kit as well as a la cart materials for purchase, or some pretty sweet looking, but spendy, already-made sandals.

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