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Rude Awakening…

November 24, 2011

Sorry, it has been a while since I have posted to the blog. As I discussed in a few earlier posts, I decided to take the last 5 weeks off from training, gain a few pounds, eat all the foods I avoid while in training, stay out late and drink the occasional beer.  For the first time in three years, I actually stuck to my plan think I have recharged my batteries for a successful year next year. 

Tomorrow, the Subaru Distance Classic  (a Thanksgiving tradition)  is being held in Jacksonville.  Earlier this month, I told myself that I was not going to run in the event because it was still in my “off season” and I really wanted to give myself the time off I craved.  Julie had been contemplating coming to visit over Thanksgiving, but up until this past Saturday, her coming to Florida didn’t seem like it would come to fruition.  Alas, I was wrong, we found a great flight on Jet Blue for her to come down on this past Monday and spend Thanksgiving with us. 

Seeing as this may be the one time we get to race together this year, we contemplated running in the 13.1 mile race.  We talked and I told her that I had not run in five weeks (well, one 4 mile run nothwithstanding) and she said great because she had not been training either.  We decided, “what the heck..” and threw our hat in the ring along with 10,000 eager runners (who most likely trained to have a good race).  This being said, being the uber competitive person Julie is, she not only wanted to run in the race, but wanted to set a PR for herself by running 8 minute miles throughout the race. How ridiculous is that?

So tomorrow we are ready to lace them up and see how the “rest” has treated us.  Julie has run a couple short runs in the past month, but on Monday she went for a 4 mile run.  Coming from Seattle, I guess she wasn’t prepared for an 85 degree day with humidity.  She struggled through her run and may have hurt her confidence a little.  I, being completely indifferent to the race tomorrow decided after 5 weeks off I better run 2 miles tonight to warm up the legs- why?  I have no idea just seemed like a good idea.  Who am I kidding, like one small jog is going to help my cause.  I made Julie go and although it was a bit cooler, we ran those two miles at an 8:45 pace….hmmm a little off our target.  Until you actually do it, you don’t realize how quickly you lose your fitness.  I assure you it doesn’t take longer than 5 weeks to feel like you are starting over. 

So the gun will start at 7:00 am tomorrow in Jacksonville.  The air temperature is supposed to be about 45 degrees and getting up to about 50 by the time we finish, little colder than last year when it was about 75 degrees at the finish line.  I guess the only things I am prepared for are:

1.  It will be cold
2.  I am going to be in pain
3.  The only certainty will be my nutrition
4.  I can eat a lot of turkey, have a few adult beverages and watch football after suffering through a half marathon.

For the race, Julie and I will eat a PB & J in the am along with some water or Gatorade to hydrate.  I will eat about 300 calories on the run and Julie will probably eat about 150-200.  I will be consuming GU’s on the run and Julie is still undetermined (better decide soon chica-HA). 

I have always told other training that racing is 90% mental and that if someone has a tough mental state of mind they will be able to suffer through the pain and finish what they set out to accomplish.  Well tomorrow is a test of my mantra and will.  I have been in races where I was pushed to the brink and finished so I am assuming tomorrow won’t be as tough, but breaking 1:45 might be asking a bit much.  We will find out in about 11 hours.  Since we are bucking every trend training mindset, we also decided to buy new running shoes and wear them tomorrow.  What the heck, we will already be in pain and honestly, Julie needed them, she had been running in her pair of shoes for almost 2 years(yeah I know right?).  So no training, new shoes and of yeah we have indulged in some adult beverages the past few days since she has been here.  Why not right? 

Tomorrow will be fun if nothing else.  Julie and I will have gotten to race and it is Thanksgiving.   I would never recommend to anyone what we are doing tomorrow, but it will be nice to know how tough we are mentally.  We will let everyone know how it goes and if we can reach our goal of breaking 1:45. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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