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Congratulations to Mutai and Dado, McCormack and Schildknecht!

November 7, 2011

The ING NYC Marathon is one of the most well known marathons in the world.  Winning this race brings instant credibility to any professionals resume (as does Boston).  Now, how about winning them both?  Before Sunday, four people had accomplished this feat.  You may now add Geofferey Mutai to this distinguished list.   Now how about winning them both and setting course records at each in the same year?  Now, you are looking at one person.. Mutai who was able to run himself into the record books yesterday by crushing the course record in New York by over 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  He ran a 2:05:06 and just to get a sense of how fast he was running, he ran mile 20-23 in 13:35 (4:31 miles).  He finished with 4:48, 4:41 and a 4:39 (info from  Blistering the course and laying the hammer down on his competition when he needed to.  Congratulations on a feat we may never see again.  I hope everyone was witness to one of the greatest marathon performances in history.

The woman’s race saw Mary Keitany race out to an incredible lead early in the race.  She is the world record holder in the half marathon.  She set a blistering pace that if kept up would have crushed the women’s record by more than 6 minutes.  She hung strong, but began slowing around mile 20 leaving the door open for the three chasers that were about 1:40 behind her.  They kept their pace while Keitany kept fading, about mile 23 Keitany was final in view of the chasers motivating them to keep plugging away. Dado finally passed Keitany in the last few miles and although did not set a course record etched herself into history (and a lot more appearance fee money) by taking the women’s title.

Triathlon took center stage as well with Ironman Florida.  One of the most prestigious Ironman events in North America that showcased another record! 

A huge Congratulations to Switzerland’s Ronnie Schildknecht who posted a sub 8 hour Ironman (the first in a North American held Ironman event). An amazing feat for any Ironman triathlete and one that will help Ronnie come to peace with his season after having to drop out in Kona.

Swim – 51:18
Bike – 4:19:55 (25.85 mph)
Run – 2:43:47 (6:15 avg)

The 2012 race sold out in 16 minutes! So if you want to race in Panama City the best case scenario is to volunteer the year before. 

Across the globe Macca had his sights on a 70.3 title and was not to be denied.  Congratulations to Chris “Macca” McCormack for taking the Ironman 70.3 Tawian title in Macca fashion posting a 3:54 and finishing over 4 minutes ahead of second.

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