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What to do…..

October 19, 2011
I know, I know….
My last post was about getting fat and being lazy for the next month, sprinkled in with the idea that there was one opportunity left for me to compete if I wanted. I have not signed up for the race, BUT I have put in some work the past few days to ensure that if I do decide to race that I am ready to.
So after my race Sunday, I took Monday off. Yesterday I decided to get after it because I was going to need to be on a crash course for the race since I haven’t been training for a half. It was raining and wind blowing 25 in Saint Augustine so I decided to go inside for the workout (which I know is very different than sweating and training outside).
I jumped on the spinner bike and was actually excited to get this workout in when I started. My goal was to go 35 miles on the spinner and then run 9 miles after on the treadmill. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but that was the goal. Being excited about a workout has been different than what I was experiencing lately because I have had a lack of motivation lately as the window closed on the season. I knew I would be depressed once the season actually ended so maybe that is why I am thinking about this race.
I set it for the endurance test and started getting after it. I put the resistance on to what I thought would be the equivalent for me of hammering a flat. This will be different for everyone depending on what your fitness level is. I went after it for the first hour and averaged 25.5 on the spinner. sounds more impressive than it is because there is no resistance and no outside elements. (This is also the speed Craig Alexander averaged in Kona over 112 miles…ridiculous). I then put another half hour on the bike and reached my 35 miles keeping the same average the entire time. I then grabbed some PowerBar energy blasts (180 calories) and refilled my gatorade bottle and jumped on the treadmill. Let me just say if races were always in 70 degree weather they would be a lot easier, HAHA. I ran the first mile at 8 minute pace to ease into my run and see how the legs felt. I then ran the 22 minutes at 7:30 pace. After the first 30, I then started bumping up the speed at 5 minute intervals until I was running the last 10 minutes at a 6:30 pace. I had to work through the last 20 minutes, but kept thinking, “there is someone behind me catching me if I slow down”. The great thing about the mind is that even though it can break you, it can also help inspire you in the same way. So use it to your advantage.
I got up today and decided I needed to run long back to back days since I have not ran more than 10 miles once in probably the last month. So I gauged when I thought I might be out on the run course in Miami and decided to run then to simulate the temperature and humidity. Last night I looked at the wave starts for Miami and saw that M30-34 go off in the last three waves (8:32, 8:36 and 8:40). With last name beginning with “K”, I should be be in the second wave. So looking at a 36 minute swim and a 2:25-30 bike I would be running around 11:15. I actually started running around 10:45, but not much different temperature wise.
I decided that I would run 10 on tired legs and see how they felt. Started off running and they were a little lethargic, but not too bad. Ran the first 5k in 22 minutes. Rested one minute ran the next 5k in 22 minutes rested one minute and then ran the next 5k in 23 minutes and then ran the remainder of the way home at an 8 pace. Not too bad, but not breaking any records, but built some confidence going back to back.
I have to swim this afternoon since I have such a short time before the race (and this may be all for not cause I am not totally 100 percent sure if I am going to race). I think the big test will be Saturday, I plan on riding 50 with a 5-6 mile run after. if that goes well I think I will be ready.
Guess we will see. Until then bear with me and my undecidedness. I am all over the map.
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 20, 2011 12:27 am

    How does one maintain their motivation if they possess a less competitive nature? What else can we use as a focus if not the person about to take us over in the race?

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