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Rev-ving in FL!

October 13, 2011
For every triathlete that hates seeing the triathlon season come to an end, but doesn’t want to race IMFL… here is your chance. Rev 3 Tri has just announced that they have agreed with the city of Sarasota to bring a half-rev (1.2, 56, 13.1) to the beautiful Gulf Coast. Mark your calendars for October 27-28 of next year and join one of the most family friendly, entertaining races of the year. The bike course has not been finalized, but will be updated – I assure you it will be flat and fast for all you triathletes that love to drop the “hammer” during this portion. I know I do, or like to think I can, HA.

This is the perfect venue for all those people in cold climates who are sick of of the thermometer hovering around 40(ahem….. Julie and family in New England). This is a chance to swim in the pristine waters of the Gulf (and be able to see to the bottom of the ocean) and race in what should be about 70-75 degree weather (but could be colder). IMFL (Nov 5) last year began the day at a chilly 40 degrees. What could be better than finishing your race beach side? NOTHING..except if they give you a margarita IV after the race. Sarasota has frequently been voted as having some of the best beaches in the United States and has unique attractions and shopping in the area.

And for any of the “shellers” out there, Sarasota is close to Venice Beach, FL which is supposed to have the largest concentration of sharks teeth on its beaches and you couldn’t be that close to Sanibel Island and not make the trip south to the mecca of shelling and top rated beaches.

Registration is not open yet, but will keep everyone aprised of when it does. I assure you this will be a race on my list.

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