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Race Week: Wetsuit Rental from XTerra

August 25, 2011
Green Lake, Seattle WA

I can float! Hello buoyancy.

My rental wetsuit from Xterra came in the mail the other day and I have been anxious to take it out for a spin. As you mentioned here, I knew it was also important to try out an open water swim.

Renting the wetsuit from Xterra was really easy and financially was the best decision. For $49 they will send you either a long sleeve or sleeveless wetsuit, ship it for free, and will send it out 10 days in advance of your race. If you choose to purchase a wetsuit from Xterra, you can then apply the $49 towards the price of the wetsuit.

Although they claim a 99% fit rate, this may be an exaggeration, or I just happen to fall in that 1% category. My wetsuit came in too large. I recommend if you fall towards the lower end of a weight group and it falls on the border between two sizes, go smaller.

Of course, since this is my first time ever wearing a wetsuit, I wanted instruction on how to actually put it on:

Swimming with the wetsuit got me pumped. It helped alleviate some of the anxiety I have been having about the swimming portion of the race. The buoyancy felt great. I also felt like I was swimming really fast! I kind of felt like a triathlete too, pretty bad ass.

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