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HITS Triathlon Series /

August 1, 2011

Beginner Friendly series launching in December with the HITS Triathlon Series. Growing Family friendly series (great spectator races with plenty to stay busy) with incredible Pro fields at Revolution 3..
HITS Triathlon Series
I just saw this series launched and look forward to seeing its reviews and competing in 2012. No matter what triathlon level you are currently at or aspire to be (Iron distance, half Iron, Olympic, Sprint) this series has a distance for you. If you are a family of triathletes or trying to get friends involved in the sport you love here is a chance to compete together during the same weekend. There are 12 events slated for next year including the national championships and one event in December of this year in Palm Springs, CA. This series is unique because long distance triathlons are usually not coupled with shorter distance triathlons and I have never seen an OPEN division where athletes can compete for FREE in triathlon (100m swim, 3 mile bike, 1 mile run. Athletes who never thought they could compete in a triathlon can introduce themselves to this unique sport in a friendly, non-intimidating way.

Revolution3 Triathlon
Rev3 produces the highest level events in a family friendly environment and at certain venues has an Olympic distance race in conjunction with their half and full distance triathlons. These events not only draw many of the top professional triathletes from around the world but also produce an environment that is entertaining for spectators. 17 hours for a race can be a long time for spectators and these events ensure that while you are there to cheer your athlete that there are options for you as well. Look for this series to continue to grow in the next few years.

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